Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2013 Oceanic Whitetip Shark Photo Expedition Dates and Details

Join A COTTON PHOTO on our Oceanic Whitetip Shark Photo Expedition
Location: Cat Island, Bahamas
Trip Dates: May 5th through May 11th, 2013

Arrive at New Bight Airport, Cat Island Bahamas
Transfer to Private Luxury Rental House (Group Rental House)
Day two through six will include shark diving (five full days of diving)
Day seven return New Bight Airport to fly out.

Shark Diving
Airport Transfers

NOT Included:
Crew tips

Additional Information:

This is a land-based shark diving trip offered through Epic Diving and A COTTON PHOTO Creative Works. We will be staying in a private rental house and transferring to Epic Diving’s private charter boat for daily trips out to snorkel and SCUBA dive with sharks (species encountered oceanic whitetip, silky, with possibility to see dusky, blue, mako, tiger, dorado and marlin). We have several different price points offered for this trip, dependent on room size requested (luxury to budget rooms available).

Both SCUBA and free diving/snorkeling will be offered with the sharks throughout the week.

Every year Amanda offers interested participants of this exciting expedition a Shark Photography Workshop; including camera handling and preparation, exposure and image refinement, trouble shooting, workflow technique and tips for photo editing (Adobe Photoshop).

Both shooters and non-shooters are welcome on this trip. Workshop participation is not required to join this expedition.

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