Monday, July 25, 2011

"Children and Sharks" Part Two: Blue Shark Encounter for Thirteen Year Old

In an effort to effectively challenge the current mindset of so many in the general public in regards to sharks, A COTTON PHOTO Creative Works has begun a new media series titled "Children and Sharks". By sharing our experiences of introducing children to this magical world through video and still imagery of their encounters we hope to help showcase a different side to this highly misunderstood creature while creating brand new ocean warriors.


"Children and Sharks" last encounter took place in Rhode Island, USA as we brought an incredible young lady (age 13) out to dive with the blue sharks that inhabit these waters. It was an absolute thrill to watch her as she encountered these beauties for the first time. Blue sharks, like many other species of shark cannot live in captive environments and therefore the only place for interactions like this is in the wild. Everyone on the boat was in awe of her maturity, grace and composure in the water.

With safety divers positioned around her during her dives, we watched as she swam for hours in the water with the sharks. This young lady was amazing, lasting longer in the water than many of the adults on the trip. I have never seen someone more absorbed in the experience and the sharks than her. Upon exiting the water after each dive the first words out of her mouth were, "When can I get back in?"

...and a new shark lover is born.

ACP would like to extend a huge thank you to Brian Raymond of Blue and Mako Shark Expeditions and Joe Romeiro for making this experience possible; as well as to Vincent Canabal and Debra Canabal who did an incredible job working as safety divers for this experience.

If you would like to participate in our "Children and Sharks" Media Series please contact us at, or to learn more visit us at A COTTON PHOTO Creative Works on FACEBOOK

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