Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Women Divers Hall of Fame Class of 2015

The Women Divers Hall of Fame announced the selection of six new Members who will constitute the Class of 2015:

Wendy Benchley: Marine Conservation Leader, Ocean Conservation Governmental Policy Advocate, Shark Conservation Spokesperson

Cecilie Benjamin: Pioneer Scuba Instructor, Ocean Conservation Leader, Marine Environment Education Program Advocate

Amanda Cotton: Underwater Photographer, Cave/Tech Diver, Educational Outreach Program Creator

Meg Donat: Pioneer Scuba Instructor, Hyperbaric Chamber Instructor, Diver Medical Technician, Ocean Advocate

Lieutenant Grace Landers, USN: Diving Medical Officer, Submarine Medical Officer, Medical Pioneer and Innovator

Amy Slate: Scuba Instructor, Ocean and Environmental Conservation Leader, Educational Outreach Advocate

During their annual meeting at DEMA this year in Las Vegas, some members of WDHOF met to discuss upcoming projects and events.

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