Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cat Island Magic: Loving Those Oceanics

Every year out at Cat Island during our Oceanic Whitetip Shark Expedition we think it can't get any better and yet every year outshines the last. Five straight days of the largest oceanics we have had the pleasure of being in the water with, accompanied by visits from schooling dorado, marlin, dusky, silky, tiger and caribbean reef sharks. We had a wonderful time sharing photography tips and techniques with this eclectic group from around the globe; everyone showed up eager to learn and excited to jump right in.

Epic Diving has again proven they are masters at responsible encounters with the sharks and leaders in community support of Cat Island and it's residents. It's a great feeling knowing you're working with operators who care so much about not only the sharks, but the locals on the island. Thank you Epic Diving for creating a weeks worth of unforgettable encounters and memories for A COTTON PHOTO's expedition.

We look forward to heading back out to Cat Island again next April 2014 and hope many of you will join us on this exciting adventure! For more details on our 2014 Oceanic Expedition please visit our Expeditions page on A COTTON PHOTO's Website HERE

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