Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sailfish Bait Balls Galore and More...

ACP Sailfish Mexico Adventure 2013 from A COTTON PHOTO Creative Works on Vimeo.

It's always a great thrill to spend time in Mexico, but this year's Sailfish Expedition far surpassed any of our previous trips down to the land of white sand, warm waters and friendly smiles. We spent five days out on the water looking for bait balls and we weren't disappointed. A gift from the universe, we were rewarded with incredible weather and static sailfish bait balls everyday; allowing for numerous hours in the water shooting till our hearts were content. Throughout the week we were visited by large pods of dolphins, including one rare encounter with dolphins and sailfish hitting the same bait ball (virtually unheard of since the sailfish tend to shy away from the action when dolphins show up). During one of our most action packed encounters we had a crazy wahoo zooming through the bait ball while more than fifty sailfish whizzed in and out, working effortlessly with each other to collect their meals.

Our last day out our Captain received word several giant mantas had been spotted close by, without hesitation our group decided to venture out in search of these gentle giants. Forty five minutes later we were surrounded by fifteen to twenty giant mantas circling around feeding at the surface. After three hours of swimming and shooting these lovely marine creatures we were exhausted and decided to head in. Our trip out to Isla Mujeres had ended in a huge success, but our luck didn't stop there.

As some from our group made their way back home several of us decided to stay and try our luck with the bull sharks in the area. We were again pleasantly rewarded with an incredible dive with sixteen big, beautiful bull sharks in amazing vis and no currents. Ending our adventure we stopped at a local cenote known to have a resident crocodile who is rather accustomed to having it's photograph taken. We spent hours snorkeling and free diving with this small and friendly crocodile.

I think I can safely safe everyone came home from this adventure with huge smiles and incredible images. If you're interested in joining us in January 2014 for our next Sailfish Expedition please visit our SAILFISH EXPEDITION PAGE or contact us at

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