Thursday, June 30, 2011

Children and Sharks: An A COTTON PHOTO Media Series

In an effort to effectively challenge the current mindset of so many in the general public in regards to sharks, A COTTON PHOTO Creative Works has begun a new media series titled "Children and Sharks". By sharing our experiences of introducing children to this magical world through video and still imagery of their encounters, we hope to help showcase a different side to this highly misunderstood creature while creating brand new ocean warriors.

"Children and Sharks" last encounter took place in Isla Mujeres, Mexico as we brought a beautiful little seven year old girl out to meet the whale sharks of Mexico. It was a thrilling time for all of us on the boat. We had the pleasure of spending two days in the water shooting as she swam with whale sharks in the wild. This experience proved to be an incredible one, not only for her, but for us as well. We are so thankful that we could share these treasures of the ocean with her and know that giving children opportunities like this will ensure their love for the oceans and help create a new generation of ocean warriors.

Video from ACP's "Children and Sharks" whale shark encounter...

Our series will continue to share amazing encounters between young ocean warriors and different species of sharks throughout the world. Next stop on our list of locations is Rhode Island where we will be introducing a very special thirteen year old to the blue and mako sharks that call these New England waters home.

Updated imagery from the series "Children and Sharks" can be found HERE

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