Saturday, June 11, 2011

1000 Kids, One Message Event


"1000 Kids, One Message is a world leader in presenting a sustainable event dedicated to shark conservation and extensive environmental initiatives and awards. A non-profit awareness initiative driven by Ocean Geographic Society, attendees will be privy to a string of very family friendly programs currently billed to fill this unique day. The event will be held at Hong Kong's Cyberport, a creative digital community best selected for this special intervention. 9 July, 2011 will see 1000 kids gathered at this prestigious location to voice the pledge, "I am the future, I won't eat shark fins". The spectacle will be filmed and broadcast live on this website and distributed on YouTube.

The underlying positioning of this project is clear – Children are the future. They are technological savvy, communicative and coherent to make important decisions for the preservation of our planet. That is why we are sounding the call to all children around the world to step up as the next generation of young ambassadors for sharks. By turning up for this event, children attendees will be officially named Shark Ambassador by the members of Ocean Geographic Society.

Over 70 million sharks are culled each year for shark's fin soup and shark related products. This is indisputably unsustainable. Sharks are already regionally extinct in South-East Asia waters. As more than 50% of the shark's fin world trade are consumed in Hong Kong, evidently, it is the ground zero for saving sharks. By supporting this project, not only are you supporting a generation of foresighted children, but also the conservation of the quality of our ocean environment. Sharks are the cheetahs and lions of the ocean; without them the ocean will collapse. We need to preserve the sharks and whales for the wellbeing of the future generation." -excerpt from 1000 Kids, One Message website

THE MISSION: The mission of the 1000 Kids, One Message project is to convene 1000 children from ages 6 to 18 years on 9 July 2011 at one location (Cyberport Hong Kong) for the ‘I don’t eat shark fins’ pledge.

OBJECTIVE: By encouraging children in Hong Kong to refrain from shark fins, we aim to produce a new generation of non-shark fins consumer.

EVENT INFORMATION: On 9 July, 2011, we call upon 1000 kids to convene at Hong Kong's Cyberport for a very important mission. We are calling for children with the initative and passion to help save sharks from extinction. Together with international and local celebrities, luminaries and politicians, we shall make the "I am the future... I won't eat shark fins" pledge!

WWF Hong Kong
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation
Shark Savers
Shark Alliance
Hong Kong Sharks Foundation
Shark Research Institute

For more information; 1000Kids, One Message Website

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