Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Cotton Photo Oceanic Photo Expedition

We've just returned from our Oceanic Whitetip Photo Expedition on Cat Island in the Bahamas and are pleased to share that it was a huge success. Shooters from across the globe joined us for this action-packed week of diving, shooting, learning and fun! Cat Island shared her treasures with us all week long as we encountered a vast array of shark species including reef, lemon, nurse and oceanic. We had several lengthy encounters with oceanics at the infamous Charlene's Reef dive site which allowed for numerous photographic opportunities for our guests.

It was a treat to work with operators Vincent and Debra Canabal of Epic Diving during our time on Cat Island; both Debra and Vincent are devoted conservationists and outspoken proponents of responsible shark diving. Debra is currently working on a research project with the oceanics of Cat Island in hopes of increasing protection for these sharks in the Bahamian waters.

We'd also like to extend a huge thank you to Carlos Estrabeau, who worked as our safety diver during our dives. His hard work and dedication to the comfort and needs of, not only the expedition's guest, but to the sharks themselves, made for an incredible week of amazing encounters.

We've already begun booking spots for next year's expedition. To learn more information contact us at and/or stay tuned at A COTTON PHOTO ON FACEBOOK for further details.

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