Saturday, November 27, 2010

ACP’s Malapascua Underwater Photography Workshop

A COTTON PHOTO’s Malapascua Underwater Photography Workshop just wrapped in the Philippines and we are happy to say it was a huge success. Our primary reason for holding the workshop on this island was to encounter the elusive thresher shark. Malapascua Island is one of the few places in the world where divers can dive specifically with the intention of seeing these beautiful sharks with incredibly long and elegant tails. During our workshop we encountered 14 thresher sharks while diving Moad Shoal; we were also fortunate to dive with two large manta rays at this site too. Malapascua, although known for their threshers, is also a macro divers mecca; allowing many opportunities for students to practice with their skills in both wide angle and macro photography. Students captured images of cuttlefish, sea krates (sea snakes), octopus, squid, pygmy seahorses, mandarin fish, turtles and more while working in macro settings on their cameras. Malapascua’s manta rays, thresher sharks, white tip reef sharks, caves, and wrecks provided ample opportunity for practicing wide angle shooting.

ACP would like to thank Sea Explorers for hosting our event. With an incredible crew, outstanding divemasters, and great accommodations we couldn’t have been more pleased during our time on Malapascua. Stay tuned for details on our 2011 trip back to Malapascua. We hope to have you join us! To learn more about A COTTON PHOTO's Underwater Photography Workshops check out our current list of upcoming events through ACP on FACEBOOK

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