Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do You Have A Unique Shark Image?

Shark Savers is currently updating and reorganizing it's website galleries and we need your help. Have you captured a unique species, or a specific shark behavior rarely seen? We'd love to see it and possibly add your images to our galleries.

Shark Savers mission is to save sharks.

We focus on educating the public about shark conservation and bringing awareness to all issues involved within it. We empower people to take action in not only their own lives, but within the community as well, helping to further shark conservation efforts.

Below is a list of sharks we are actively looking for:

Frilled Sharks
Bramble Sharks
Angel Sharks
Saw Sharks
Bullhead Sharks- (Horn Shark, Port Jackson Shark, etc)
Carpet Sharks- (Zebra Shark, Nurse Shark, Wobbegong, etc)
-as well as any interesting or unique shark behavior you have caught with your camera.

Join us and help the sharks.

If you have images you would like to share with Shark Savers please email me at All images displayed on Shark Savers galleries will include photo credit to the photographer.

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