Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beneath the Sea 2009

Amanda is excited she is able to provide her work for use in this year's Beneath the Sea show in Secaucus, New Jersey this weekend.

Both David Ulloa and Amanda are honored to have David's video, Friend's Found, be featured in the Sea Camp booth (Booth 602). Kids Sea Camp is a wonderful organization focused on bringing the wonders of the ocean into the hearts of children. Founded by Margo Peyton, who will be inducted into the Woman Divers Hall of Fame this year, Sea Camp uses a hands-on approach to promote awareness of marine issues to the heart of our future, the kids.

Friend's Found can also be seen in the Shark Savers booth (Booth 122). Shark Savers is a public charity founded in 2007 in order to directly do their part for the preservation of sharks. They are open to everyone, and develop programs directed at specifically promoting the importance of sharks, raising awareness of their plight, and giving people a course of action to save these precious creatures.

Amanda is overjoyed that her images will be able to help Jamie Pollack, one of the founders of Shark Savers, in her presentation "Why Sharks Are Important". Jamie will be presenting in the MEC Ocean Pals Theater at 3pm on Saturday.

Amanda is also happy to have collaborated with Jeff Loflin on his Open Water Sidemount presentation at the DSAT TecRec Conference that follows BTS on Monday.

We hope everyone has a great time at this year's Beneath the Sea, and encourage you all to check out all the incredible resources and organizations that will be present!

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