Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Amazing Twist of Fate

It's not everyday you get the chance to meet one of the pioneers of an industry, let alone one that you hold so near and dear to your heart; but this is exactly what happened when I came across one of the most powerful images I have ever seen and just had to know the story behind it.

In the summer of 1981 world renowned underwater photographer Alberto Romeo, his wife Lucia and fellow teammates from Gruppo Ricercatori ed Operatori Subacquei (G.R.O. Sub. - an underwater association that defends and photographs marine wildlife-of which Alberto is the founder) had a chance encounter that would forever change their lives, as well as the life of one incredibly beautiful sperm whale. Alberto and his team found the whale entangled in the remnants of a drift net, one of the cruelest contraptions on the planet. What took place over the next six hours was the purest form of compassion there is. The amazing story and images from the entire encounter can be seen HERE.

After viewing one of the images from the encounter online I felt compelled to contact Alberto directly. He was incredibly kind and patient with my questions and pestering (although I am sure he would say it wasn't pestering). Impressed doesn't being to express how I feel; Not only about his body of work and accomplishments as an underwater photographer, but also his work as a marine life advocate. Alberto is an astonishingly humble and gracious man with an unquestionable connection to the ocean. It is a huge honor and thrill to call him a friend.

Alberto Romeo's WEBSITE


  1. Have to admit that story is one for the front page. How many other stories like these go without as much media?

    Thanks for posting this one.

  2. ... it also reminds me of the old music industry adage, "you see the same people on the way up as on the way down"; which, in a roundabout way, inevitably points to the number of people at the top of their game and their industry(ies) who are genuinely good, open, friendly people. Jerks who have no time for you just don't last very long.
    Anyway, this just reminded me of that....